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CDFI Small Business Loan Officer

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Grand Rapids, MI
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Direct Hire
Jan 07, 2019
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Management Business Solutions has been retained by Rende Progress Capital to be a “value-add” partner to their recruitment for this position. As a solution-based staffing organization; we have aligned our processes to mirror our client’s talent strategies to identify, screen and recruit qualified candidates.
The Rende Progress Capital (RPC) Opportunity and Lending Officer is responsible for recommending RPC business loan applications for approval along with some solicitation of RPC customers for potential loans.
As a loan officer for a mission-oriented lender using racial equity lending systems and culturally competency standards, the position has four responsibility areas; the officer has the authority to approve loans for final presentation to---and consideration by---the RPC Loan Committee. The officer will be responsible for due diligence and the presentation and recommendations of loans for review by the Opportunity Lending Director & President for Opportunity or the Managing Director of RPC.

Program Support & Technical Assistance
  • Responsible for providing opportunities in lending for RPC customers by providing them with high-quality and culturally competent services that will help them in their recommendation of loans for approval, assisting them with required production of essential application information for loan underwriting for conventional loan considerations (per RPC loan policy) and FARE (Financing Approval through Racial Equity) criteria.
  • The Lending officer will work with clients to identify their financial goals and to find ways of reaching those goals; confer with the RPC Lending Director and designated underwriters to aid in resolving mortgage application problems; handle address applicant needs or complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them.
  • In assisting RCP with Program Support the Lending Officer will stay abreast of industry trends, types of loans and other financial services and products in order to best meet applicant needs; and analyze potential loans, lending markets and develop referral networks in order to locate prospects for loans.
Loan Origination
  • Responsible for working with the borrower in gathering documentation for application as required for the RPC FARE (Financing Approval through Racial Equity) approval process. Additional duties for this area of responsibility include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Meet with applicants to obtain information for loan application and to answer questions about the process;
  2. Analyze applicants' financial status and creditworthiness to determine feasibility of granting loans.
  3. Obtain and compile copies of applicants' credit history, corporate financial statements, and other financial information.
  4. Submit applications to credit analysts for verification and recommendation.
  5. Provide all necessary information for approved financing of the RPC applicant.
  6. Recommend RPC’s awarding of additional loan incentives based on the FARE system criteria—of which the officer will also verify in loan approval documents detailing the specific FARE lending points to apply to the loan.
  7. Conduct research of the applicant and review all pertinent financial information to determine ATR (Ability To Repay) of the borrower.
  8. Responsible for providing loan approval packages (their recommendations, financial information and FARE criteria application points) to the loan committee for RPC customer financing of their business.
Lending: Customer Cultivation
  • The officer embraces the value of helping the borrower to be successful throughout their journey through personal/technology communication, review of financial statements and management of loan information in databases to document communication and contact with borrowers. The officer will also refer and recommend loan applicants requiring business technical assistance services to the RPC Business Development Director.
Cultural Competency and Relationship Management
  • The officer will be the lead---with oversight by the Opportunity Lending Director & President for Opportunity or the Managing Director of RPC---of:
    • Collecting payments---both timely and delinquent.
    • Detection and analysis of problem loans; and work in culturally competent ways on payment
    • plans and opportunities to avoid delinquent loans.
    • Working with the Opportunity Lending Director & President for Opportunity and Portfolio
    • Manager on risk-rating management.
    • Ensuring documentation of RPC’s financial and social impact criteria on loans to assist RPC’s effective application of such criteria and to assist portfolio management’s tracking of RPC’s loan performance, and financial and social well-being of the borrower.
An ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years in sales, loan origination, commercial lending at a bank, credit union or Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI); possess a bachelor's degree in finance, economics, business management or a related field. Computer skills are required; a high proficiency with industry technology to include sales and lending applications to include knowledge of applications for loan origination and finance.
Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are required. A commitment for attaining pertinent industry certifications and licensure is necessary. In addition to the completion of continuing education for maintaining applicable certifications, continuous learning growth in lending administration, CDFI lending and other best practices that develop current responsibilities of recommending loans for approval and quality reviews is required. Spanish verbal and speaking skills are encouraged.