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Tool and Die Technician

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Grand Rapids, MI
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Direct Hire
Aug 04, 2017
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Management Business Solutions (MBS) is seeking a Tool and Die Technician for a manufacturing client in Grand Rapids, MI for both 2nd and 3rd shifts. This individual will work with production teams to  make, repair, and troubleshoot progressive and transfer dies.
  • Install sensors into dies and fingers; verify replacement as needed, retrieve and review designs and diagrams to determine optimal placement and accessibility; organize and label wires; ensure proper channels lead to sensors.
  • Assemble necessary die components by drilling and mounting blocks in proper locations. Load dies with die springs and nitrogen cylinders.
  • Maintain that dies are built accurately, including t-slot and cone locators.
  • Work with press technicians to verify that newly built dies are built accurately (t-slots, cone locators, trim steels, punches, and embosses are properly placed and meet tolerances), shut heights, feed heights, and that the dies are timed out properly
  • Install, plumb, and secure sprayers and sprayer components in dies properly, as well as chutes, keeping clear of all moving parts (fingers, pads, incoming material, etc.)
  • Operate a variety of machine tools to spot, grind, and finish hardened mill blocks to verify specific dimensions, as well as build, assemble, install and adjust fingers in presses per design or instruction
  • Organize die repairs, including determining the priority of each die repair, check backup tooling counts to ensure that they suit the dies, and leave clear and accurate line ups
  • Perform the tasks needed to repair dies, including clean components, change out cracked or damaged tooling, sharpen and shim, weld, grind, cut hardened components, inspect and sharpen trims, punch, and die steels, polish forms, prep backup and changeover tooling before it goes to the crib, and check parts on the fixture, and spot the detail back into a part or model of what the block shape should be
  • Apply continuous improvement concepts to dies and the changeover process via preventive maintenance and corrective actions, making adjustments to better the quality of the part and life of the tool, cost savings, fixing overlooked areas (such as stone the die sets, clean the dies, remake worn steels and die components), simplify the dies, and identify potential cost savings for pitch and width reductions), and ensure back up tooling is correct and present
  • Participate in lean initiatives such as continuous improvement events, and identifying and eliminating types of waste
  • Document die repairs and end of run issues, ensuring CAD data and die books are updated and team leaders are notified of issues
  • High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Completion of a college-based Tool and Die program required; associate’s degree and Journeyman’s Card highly preferred
  • Experience making, repairing, and troubleshooting progressive and transfer dies
  • Ability to pass tests in order to obtain hi-lo and crane license.
  • Ability to provide detailed documentation on tooling issues, component prints, and read blueprints.
  • Consistently adhere to, and support, company policies and procedures, including ISO, TS 16949 and safety regulations
  • Knowledge of progressive, transfer, compound, hand-feed, fine-blank dies.
  • Experience leading other tool and die team member a plus